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A Cosmic Cornfield

ZL. 192 (Zea Lux) is the newest strain of maize from ICOR Laboratories and promises the next agricultural revolution by combining the power of acoustic resonance with best-in-class artificial intelligence. Critical interventions at the emergence stage ensure increasing yields and resistance throughout vegetation and reproduction. Leaving behind the ancient growing methods developed over millennia, ZL.192 welcomes the luminous futures of tomorrow.

Experience YIELD

MKE Summerfest (June 20-22, June 27-31, July 4-6)


Gleam at Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, WI (Aug 28 - Oct 26, 2024)


Creative Direction and Lighting

Daniel Murray

Design and Fabrication

Matthew Connell and John Kowalczyk



Brian Nielson



Drew York, Joe Lino, Sara Bott, Jasper Huber, Amanda Evans, Anja Sieger

Cultivated with support from Milwaukee World Festival, Inc., Herzfeld Foundation,

Astor Street Foundation, Heil Family Foundation, Wilson Family Foundation, and Gleam.

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