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Visitors from the Lake...or the Cosmos?

The Great Cosmopods (cosmopodicus magnus) were first detected through acoustic analysis by the team of cyberquatic engineers at ICOR Laboratories.


Researchers are searching for clues as to whether these creatures evolved in the lake or traveled from a distant cosmic home in search of habitable waters.


While they are clearly intelligent, we have yet to successfully communicate with these enigmatic beings.


What is clear is that the fragile fresh water ecosystem of the lake leaves the fate of the Cosmopods precarious. It is believed that these may be the last of the great Cosmopods.

Witness the Cosmopods

ArtBlaze on the Beach: A series of free, family-friendly events designed to be a celebration of community, creativity, and connection.



Wednesdays, 3-10pm


July 10 (Bradford Beach)

July 31 (South Shore Beach)

August 7 (South Shore Beach)

August 21 (Bradford Beach)



Creative Direction

John Kowalczyk and Daniel Murray



Micah Ebbe


Melissa Farrar

Created with support from Joy Engine

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