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We're Hiring!!

Available Positions:

Expedition Lead/Operations Assistant

What is Deep Lake Future?

Deep Lake Future is an immersive art adventure that transports visitors to a fantastical underwater world filled with giant creatures, interactive experiences, hidden passageways, and more. This all-ages experience was created by 25 local artists, designers and engineers and is located at Var Gallery 5th St. in the Walker’s Point neighborhood. We are seeking an intrepid team member to engage our guests and help execute the day-to-day operations of the experience.

Who are you?

Do you have a flair for performing and want to invite people into a fantastical story? Do you enjoy engaging with children and adults, helping to spark their creativity? Are you excited about immersive/interactive art and want to share this enthusiasm with everyone you meet? Do you occasionally dress up as a sea creature and vibe to ambient music? If so, this position might be for you!!

What will you do?

Deep Lake Future is made up of a small team of creatives, so joining the team will mean that you will wear several hats. These will include (in priority order):


People Stuff

  • Greeting visitors and introducing them the world/story as an expedition lead

  • Engaging visitors as they explore the space to deepen their experience

Operational Stuff

  • Checking-in visitors and selling tickets onsite

  • Tidying the space to ensure the optimal visitor experience

​Technical Stuff

  • Starting up and shutting down the technical systems (projectors, monitors, lighting/sound systems)

  • Troubleshooting the occasional technical issue as it arises

​Creative Stuff

  • Capturing moments and images, posting to social media

  • Improvising story elements to engage visitors (costumes encouraged!)

  • Developing new ideas to improve the experience for visitors

When will you work?

We are looking for someone to work up to 30 hours per week at $17.5/hr. Deep Lake Future is currently open Thursday 12-5, Friday 12-8, Saturday 12-8, Sunday 12-4. These hours may shift as we enter into a Fall schedule. And we may add different/additional hours during the holiday season. We also rent out the space for private events that typically fall outside of these hours and may need your help with these as well. 

You’re interested, now what?

Great! Send an email to Daniel Murray (Founder & Creative Director)

Briefly explain your interest and why you think you would be a good fit for the role.

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