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Welcome to the Deep.

Deep Lake Future is an immersive adventure created by Milwaukee-based multimedia production studio FuzzPop Workshop.​ 


The experience transports visitors of all ages to a surreal underwater future in which invasive species have overrun the Great Lakes ecosystem. Join an expedition to explore interactive sculptural elements, hidden passageways, state-of-the-art projection mapping, and a 3D soundscape.

Deep Lake Future is located in Var Gallery (700 S. 5th St., Milwaukee). Visitors enter through the Small Works Gallery.


This is a timed-entry experience and space is limited, so get your tickets now. 

Deep Lake Future 

Hours of Operation

Thursday 4-8p

Friday 12p-8p

Saturday 12p-8p

Sunday 12p-5p

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SCUBA certification required to participate in a research expedition?

No. All levels of swimmer and diver are welcome to participate in an expedition.

Will a lifeguard be on duty?

Expedition Leads will initiate all expeditions and are available to assist at any time; however, research expeditions are self-guided.

What if I arrive late for my expedition?

This is a timed-entry experience and we ask that all researchers arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of their expedition. If your party does arrive late, we will accommodate your party as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to begin your expedition immediately, but you will be enlisted in the next available expedition.

How long is the expedition?

Researchers are free to explore the Deep Lake at their own pace. There are details, interactive elements, and hidden surprises for visitors to discover throughout. Typically expeditions last between 30-60 minutes.

How long will Deep Lake Future run?

We plan to lead expeditions through March 2024. As our research continues, we plan to regularly upgrade the experience, adding new features and elements. 

Can you accommodate large groups?

Yes! Please contact us ( to schedule a large group visit. We do not currently offer group discounts, but we are happy to work with you to reserve ticket blocks to ensure that your group can embark on their expedition together. We may also be able to accommodate large groups outside of our regular operating hours.

What if I cannot make the time I booked?

If you are unable to make your scheduled expedition, please contact us 24 hours in advance. Our space is limited so we would like to offer your space to another intrepid explorer if possible. We will do our best to accommodate rescheduling for a new expedition based on availability. We are unable to provide refunds at this time.

Can I book Deep Lake Future for a private event?

Yes! Please contact us ( to inquire about hosting your private event at Deep Lake Future. 

Can children under age 3 participate in an expedition?

Absolutely! Young researchers age 2 and under can participate in an expedition for FREE.

Is the expedition accessible for people with disabilities or limited mobility?

We have attempted to make the expedition as accessible as possible, using ramps instead of stairs and ensuring 36" clearance in all doorways. However, there are some tight turns in the experience. Please contact us ( and we will do everything we can to accommodate you and ensure an immersive experience.

Will you offer sensory-friendly days?

We are happy to offer sensory-friendly experiences. If there is significant interest, we may block certain days as such. Please contact us (daniel@fuzzpopworkshop) for more information.

Can I take photos and videos while in the Deep Lake?

We encourage researchers to document their expeditions, post, share, and tag us @fuzzpopworkshop. If you are interested in professional photography, film or video, or your chamber synthpop duo wants to record the video for its new concept album in the Deep Lake, please contact to discuss!

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